Year Level Placement


Children are eligible to be admitted into Foshan EtonHouse International School from the age of 2 years old.

Age in years as of31st August 2017EtonHouse LevelUSA GRADE
2 – 3 yearsNursery 1Pre-School
3 – 4 years Nursery 2Pre-School
Becoming 5 years oldReceptionKindergarten1
Becoming 6 years oldYear 1Kindergarten2
Becoming 7 years oldYear 2Grade 1
Becoming 8 years oldYear 3Grade 2
Becoming 9 years oldYear 4Grade 3
Becoming 10 years oldYear 5Grade 4
Becoming 11 years oldYear 6Grade 5
Becoming 12 years oldYear 7Grade 6
Becoming 13 years oldYear 8Grade 7
Becoming 14 years oldYear 9Grade 8
Becoming 15 years oldYear 10Grade 9
Becoming 16 years oldYear 11Grade 10
Becoming 17 years oldYear 12Grade 11
Becoming 18 years oldYear 13Grade 12

To enroll your child in EtonHouse, you will need to prepare the following documents for submissions and visit us at any centre of your choice.

  • Completed EtonHouse application form
  • Signed terms & conditions form
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Mother’s passport (copy)
  • Father’s passport (copy)
  • Child’s passport (copy)
  • Child’s immunization record (copy)

You can get the registration form straight from school.

Upon registration, your child will be allotted a class and a date of commencement, or be placed on the EtonHouse waiting list. Before your child begins at EtonHouse, confirmation will be sent to you. We will be happy to show you and your family around EtonHouse, introduce you to the staff and explain as much as possible to your child.

Your registration only becomes valid when you visit to confirm your application and pay the registration fee and deposit.

This page was last edited on March 18, 2016